“Musically and
vocally, NoteSpeak consistently changes, shifting from style to style –
acoustic jazz solos into hip-hop beats into harmonized gospel vocals into
electronic jazz and fusion into free verse rhyming – and yet seems to
constantly groove. Simmons’ delivery swims in the deep waters connecting Nina
Simone to Jill Scott, completely obliterating the line between vocalist and
poetess: Warning like a mother lioness, whippersnapping through urban haunts,
and curiously wondering about it all.” This rather lovely review is from
the Senior Editor at All About Jazz Chris M. Slawecki who has had a sneak
preview of NoteSpeak

Musicians: Valerio Abeni - Drums, Joy
Grifoni - Upright Bass, Laura Masotto - Violin, Marco Cremaschini
Keyboards, Lisa Marie Simmons- Voice

“Musicalmente e vocalmente, NoteSpeak cambia
costantemente, passando da uno stile all'altro - assoli jazz acustico in
hip-hop batte in cori gospel armonizzate in jazz elettronico e fusion in libera
versi in rima - eppure ha un groove costante. Simmons nuota nel acque profonde
che collegano Nina Simone a Jill Scott, completamente cancellando il confine
tra cantante e poetessa: Avviso come una leonessa madre, whippersnapping
attraverso rifugi urbani, e curiosamente interroga su tutto ”. Questa bellina
recensione scritto dal Senior Editor in All About Jazz Chris M. Slawecki che ha
avuto in anteprima NoteSpeak