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 1st Single "Can We Agree" Out Now

Lisa Marie Simmons uses arresting lyrics and warm vocals to co-create the NoteSpeak 12 album with inventive artists and music director Marco Cremashini. The music of this Italian-based band, billed as “global jazz hybrid,” defies category. Each eclectic song is its own galaxy within the Cremashini-Simmons universe. 

Regina Harris Baiocchi - composer, author, poet

Our Short Documentary Lisa & Isell                                         

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!  We’ve done it! The visionary producer Angela Tucker and two-time Emmy award-winning director Bryan Tucker have (beautifully) wrapped and we are eager to share this gift with you. 

I’m elated to be introducing you all to Isell. There is much to love about him.

The Tamron Hall Show: Answers to your questions

 When I wrote the HuffPost essay that prompted my invitation to the show, I was, as I often am, trying to connect to the reader using my own personal experiences to speak to larger issues.

NoteSpeak (Amori e Tragedie in Musica) On Downbeat Magazine's list  2020: The Year’s Top-Rated Albums

 Live in India on the Music Stage for the Jaipur Literature Festival

"Beautiful and Powerful" - Giuseppe Saulo Rai Radio 3 "Battiti" 

"Across NoteSpeak, the band’s playing remains understated, granting Simmons’ poetry the spotlight. Her words are full of internal rhymes, verbal inflections that move the rhythm in unexpected directions and juxtapositions of imagery that veer from predictable to wildly creative."  Four Stars j.Poet Downbeat Magazine

"Musically and vocally, NoteSpeak consistently changes, shifting from style to style – acoustic jazz solos into hip-hop beats into harmonized gospel vocals into electronic jazz and fusion into free verse rhyming – and yet seems to constantly groove. Simmons' delivery swims in the deep waters connecting Nina Simone to Jill Scott, completely obliterating the line between vocalist and poetess: Warning like a mother lioness, whippersnapping through urban haunts, and curiously wondering about it all." - Chris M. Slawecki “All About Jazz”

“Lisa Marie Simmons has a powerful magnetizing voice for our time- for all time. Authentic and deeply committed.”- Anne Waldman, author of Trickster Feminism (Penguin Poets).

"Lisa Marie Simmons is forging her rightful place in the annals of music history. Her cd, Note Speak: Amori E Tragedie In Musica is poetic mastery of sound and silence." - Regina Harris Baiocchi-  composer, author, and poet

"Note Speak stretches all boundaries with intriguing spoken word backed by an ambitious jazz ensemble, all with original compositions of poetry, prose and musical wonder. Note Speak literally had the sold-out audience leaning into every word and every note during the entire show. The audience was wild for both the concept and the execution, craving more that is sure to come from this creative act." - Denis Budankov Artistic Director International Jazz Festival hosted at Reduta Jazz Club Prague

"NoteSpeak performed at the closing of the literary festival JLF@Boulder and blew the lid off the house. They had the audience on their feet throughout the incredible 90-minute set! A pure treat!" - Sanjoy K. Roy Managing Director of Teamwork Arts. Co-founder, producer of the Jaipur Literature Festival 

Lisa Meets Gianni   - Jazz Standards - Released 2022 on Ropeadope

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“Mr. Cazzola is more than a musician: he is a piece of jazz history. His drums have supported, played and collaborated with the greatest jazz players that the globe has hosted…” – (