Since the posting of this, I've written several posts on the search for my birth family- You can find them in chronological order below.

Hey Beauties,

So this is gonna be short and sweet. I know I know that's unlike me, but there's all kinds of other stuff I need to be getting to, I just had to share this one with you guys.

 I know a lot of people have been following the blogs regarding the search for my birth mother and siblings. If you haven't the links to the whole search are at the end of this blog to get you caught up. 

It has really been touching to receive your messages and e-mails; your extraordinary words of encouragement and expressions of joy at my great fortune. Thank you so very much for coming along for the ride. 

The latest is just me being so very very moved by a package I received in the mail from mom... 

Really really REALLY so exciting, touching wonderful goodness... My life is renewed. I am filled with joy and gratitude, filled with love!

I cannot wait to meet the rest of my siblings and see Dwayne and his family again! Cross your fingers that I'll be able to join them at Thanksgiving and you KNOW I'm gonna document that too! 

More soon, thanks once more for sharing my joy!

You guys, how cool, elegant, beautiful and big-hearted is my mom Shirley??

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