Hello Friends!

It's been a long time since the last blog. Not for lack of desire... Our summer season has heated up and May was an especially busy month as Marco and I did double duty teaching ( he piano, myself ESL) as well as performing more and more each week. 

Sorry 'bout that, I'm going to try for some consistency. Truly!

The season kicked off in May and we've been going strong ever since. I'm thrilled that my brother Miles is here in Italia for the summer. We're adding to our duet repertoire and having such fun. There is really no better thing in my life than to harmonize with him. Something about singing with him adds a layer to the stage experience that elevates my performance every time. It's gotta be do to his extraordinary skill and tendency towards silliness.


Hippie Tendencies has been out and about and will continue to sing in a piazza near you all summer, click on the tour page to find out where...

When I saw the announcement back in January; that the first ever gay pride parade in Brescia was to take place the 17th of June, I wrote immediately offering my band's services ( good thing they're on board with being shopped out for free- with a name like Hippie Tendencies they better be ready to fight the good fight ;)  ) 

Susanna Remi from the organisation Caramelle in Piedi got right back to us and said we had been the very first to respond to the call. She invited us to play a fundraiser for the parade with our friends- brothers Maurizio and Roberto Giannone; from one of my favorite local bands- Corimè, as well as with the Freaky Mermaids. A mini festival- well uh obviously we wanted to do that! 

This week one of my favorite gigs was with Christian and Marco. We played on the gaspingly gorgeous rooftop garden of the Grand Hotel Baglioni in Florence for Pitti's Men's Fashion Week... Marco wasn't much moved by the kicks and jackets but Christian and I were diggin' it!

And OhOooooo people; yesterday came time for the parade in Brescia. If you don't know the history of the parade, it's worth reading more about! 

My brother Miles, his husband Richard (aka Doctor Dickie), and I marched and reveled in the gaiety of the gays. It was the most beautiful of days. We feared, though were ready for, the haters showing up; but happily, the joy of the marchers led the day. 

Hot, sweaty, footsore and elated we made our way back to Piazza della Vittoria and listened to the inspiring Vladimir Luxuria, Italy's first transgender member of Parliament. Pretty perfect apex to the day I can assure you. She is badass, but no really, seriously, committed transcendent badass!  

After cheering her on we moved on to the nearby neighborhood of Carmine with the rest of the over 7,000 supporters. After many drinks, meeting up with old friends (like my buddies local artist Elena Crisanti and musician Eva Feudo)  and making many new friends, we later ran into Vladi again.

 She was dancing so hard, so fiercely and with such abandon, she broke a spaghetti strap on her dress and I helped her turn it into a strapless gown. I was so moved to meet this famous gay rights activist that I was rather beside myself and as she danced wildly in the middle of the crowd I came up dancing just as wildly with her. 

During a brief break, I complimented her determination and strength; commenting that her every move was an inspiration to so many. She was gracious, kind and enthusiastic with me and with the constant stream of people seeking photos; emanating light. Vladimir is the very essence of "being the change".

Me, Vladimir and Elena Awwwwwwwwww

Last week my plan had been to write this blog on another rather darker subject that is happening contemporarily with the LGBTQI forward motion. There is a proposal in the Italian Parliament to change the current nationality law and allow people born in Italy to automatically be citizens as in the U.S. and it's creating a lot of friction... More on that next time.

In the meantime more lovely, floaty, happy, forward motion photos!

Eva and I...

Sibling power!