I keep feeling like I’ve gotta stop with the political posts… I oughta write about something, anything else. Like Johnny Cat- look at him, he’s adorable and he’s the best cat. He gambols constantly. Or maybe something about what a lovely happy thing a bidet is. That’s it, I told myself as I sat down to write today, no more politics, instead an ode to Johnny the Cat in the bidet….  But somehow it’s so insistent. Every time I sit down to write, the clamor of the articles I’ve read this week drown out the sounds of whatever else is waiting to be written. 

I try really hard to not limit myself to The Nation, NPR, Huffington Post, or Portside where I will find my concerns confirmed and tear at my hair as I read the painstakingly detailed reports. I try to read another perspective, not be the preached at choir but actively search for comprehension of what millions of people see where I can only see disaster …Peruse The National Review, The Blaze, The Rush Limbaugh show or Fox News for insight into the thought process of the conservative right.

What I come away with again and again, from the conservatives,  is the idea that politics do not affect every part of our lives, that we on the left exaggerate by drawing lines and inciting with acts like no Republicans need apply. That we need to keep politics out of the workplace, out of our art, off our Facebook page and for goodness sake stop tweeting about it… put politics aside and just agree to disagree and please stop whining because you lost. But here’s the thing; politics do affect your life daily if you are brown, if you are LGBTQ, if you are a woman, if you do not fit into an upper middle class, white, patriarchal American ideal.

It seems to me that politics are always relevant, that if the previous senator from Alabama (now, gallingly, our Attorney General ) Jeff Sessions who is openly racist is voted in; if laws are advanced that would be detrimental to our well being as well as the planet’s, how can I be expected to believe that politics are best left at home? That we shouldn’t bring it up, shouldn’t protest, or sing about it- much less post about it. That we should shut up and get behind the president  …

If we watch a woman like Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the Senate attempting to quote an entirely relevant letter from the eloquent Coretta Scott King and shut down in an unprecedented manner, why remain silent in our disgust? If our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community are being attacked isn’t it our fight? Isn’t it our duty to stand beside them fighting discrimination and aiding in their quest for equal rights? What is America if not a country of immigrants and who are we if we forget that? Do we watch the very tenets on which our constitution is founded jeopardized daily and remain mum? 

I guess what I’m getting at, is the fact that the rise of Trump and his cronies seems such an obvious threat to America’s ideals that millions of us can’t imagine a gag order. Just the opposite, it seems so obvious that Trump's impetuosity, narcissism, and ignorance is explosive and dangerous on so many levels that what else is there for it but to take to the streets…to project our non-compliance in whatever mode possible and whenever possible. 

On that note maybe Johnny Cat needs a sign next post- Some of my favorite chants that have been out and about, ready for your next march:

“Show me what democracy looks like!” / “This is what democracy looks like!”

“Say it loud! Say it clear!” / “Refugees are welcome here!”

“Education not deportation!”

“My body, my choice!” / “Her body, her choice!”