(KrHouse Music)

Have you ever heard of that book by Frank White, The Overview Effect, that book made an enormous impression on me. It’s
all about the shift in the drifting astronaut’s consciousness. 

The urge to protect those tiny beings suspended below that infinitesimal layer of atmosphere seen from above
A perspective that pulls when confronted with our own fragility like the feeling of when we are surrounded by nature’s majesty times infinity. 

In limbo in the cockpit of a spaceship Untethered loose profound.
In the cosmic space surround those men and women whose intellect demands a search for answers to questions renowned find 

A connection with each of us
with each and every one of us
A fundamental deep resonance
How Lilliputian we are how fragile, how precious There is no individual 

To them is revealed a pattern
we have not yet found the solution 

We are an endangered species
And the largest threat comes from none other than ourselves 

When our heroes and heroines descend to this planet again they are often changed
The connective brought about by the reflective contemplation of our world juxtaposed with the infinite of the cosmos 

alters them
they cease to see I, let the ego go and wish it well and struggle to communicate the truth the beauty in being one wholly co-dependent
race, seemingly in a state of grace they seek to
to mitigate damage done by our propensity to hate.