Hey there Beauties,

Ain't a real blog this time around, but an update of what's soon to come.

We are delighted and honored to have our NoteSpeak song "Every Generation's War" fan nominated (lifted by the people!!) in the Independent Music Awards- so there's that! The Awards ceremony is on the 31st of March in NYC at the Lincoln Center- may just have to change my ticket- cause I got that already in my eager hand- arriving April first in Co. - performing the sixth, at the Highland City Club where I'll be performing, with local outrageously talented musicians, a mix of Hippie Tendencies & NoteSpeak tunes and a couple of beauteous covers thrown in for good measure.

After which a week as a panelist for the Conference on World Affairs....Check out the speaker list, I cannot wait to listen to and interact with this luminous list of talented leaders.

In the meantime, If you're in Italia swing by a  show cuz the giggin' never stops! 

All good things to all ya'll always!