So close, we are soooooo close. Ropeadope Records, my band and I have our own little bundle of joy about to be born and though I’ve got a few of those teeny birthing anxieties I’m mostly just excited af to get her out into the world and let her find her way. 

                               Photo by Saviolam Graphic Art by Francesca Meneguzzi

Please do follow our brand new Spotify Artist Page as well as on Bandcamp if you aren't already. We need your continued support to raise this baby up.

I have to say that my luck endures, as it has my whole life, with this partnership. I could not be more in love with this label. Geesh- just read their mission statement. Louis Marks and his team are real honest to Goddess human beings, not cogs in a machine. They are passionate, idealistic, pro-active, visionary, and determined to change the world one track at a time. So do stay tuned- March is the month! 

A few people have had a sneak peek including:

Poet, Composer, Brilliant Human Regina Harris Baiocchi who's written us some old school liner notes She's doing GREAT work for poetry with young uns please find out more here and support her work.

One of my heroine's, whose work I have venerated for years, the iconic Poet Anne Waldman she well gosh, she wrote this- 

“Lisa Marie Simmons has a powerful magnetizing voice for our time- for all time. Authentic and deeply committed.”- Anne Waldman, author of Trickster Feminism (Penguin Poets). I highly recommend delving into a discovery of her vast oeuvre of work, she is art personified.

The celebrated Soul Tracks had a "First Listen". And there are more DJ's than I ever imagined spinning the first single "Every Generation's War".

And of course, we've had a few preview concerts- the latest beingThe Jaipur Literature Festival and Music Stage and that was a singular experience. 

The opening night ceremony was without a doubt one of the best parties I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend. So much brainpower and creativity in the sumptuous Rambagh Palace which was decked out like a fairytale. I mean really like a fairytale… Laura Masotto, our gifted violinist, and I were driven up and upon arrival, as soon as we stepped from the car we were greeted with beautifully dressed musicians playing traditional Indian folk music.

  Photo courtesy of TeamworkArts

We followed the mandalas designed with flowers, seeds, and mysterious powders on the grounds towards the garden filled with tiny fairy lights throughout, more Indian music on the stage at the end of the enormous garden with a gorgeous woman dancing clad all in white.

 Photo by William Dalrymple 

 A red carpet moment for photos- then into the fray, everyone dressed in their finest frippery and ready to engage after one of the sublime cocktails being served. Avoid the water? Don't drink anything with ice? No foods that aren't cooked? Nope caution to the winds we had it ALL.

                                                                       Photo courtesy of TeamworkArts

After chatting with everyone in our path we made our way to the tent where silver and china were laid out and big round linen-draped tables that encouraged groups to form. 

 Photos by Damian Barr from his Penguin Party Twitter Tweet

I can keep dropping photos in here but it just doesn't convey the utter fabulousness of the evening!

I met the incredible poets Stephen Sexton and Forrest Gander (just read EVERYTHING they've ever written - seriously!) and was thoroughly beguiled. Scottish novelist, playwright journalist Damian Barr was huge, hilarious and gorgeous in his kilt. I am currently captivated by his memoir "Maggie & Me" which is brutal, brave, and brilliant! Vishnu Kumar Pareek told me all about his famous poet of a father and the book he’s writing about another side of the man, absolutely fascinating. I didn’t want the evening to end and was, as usual, one of the last to leave.

The first day of the Jaipur Literature Festival I was much inspired by the generous of spirit, gorgeous in intent and intellect talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert. A highlight in a day of immeasurable beauty. Get her "City of Girls" if you haven't already! It's a raunchy, rollicking, champagne bubble of a ride!

It was a great bonding experience for the band and the show itself was great fun. Best stage we’ve had thus far presenting NoteSpeak and a great big enthusiastic crowd. After the show, I was so excited to answer all of the questions and comments on the material. People asked over and over “Who was Samia?”, I also heard “I’m a street musician, I completely identified with ‘Virtuoso’”, “What was the website you were talking about in ‘Every Generation’s War’?”  This level of engagement and curiosity is why we wrote this album in the first place. We are always trying to promote conversation about these global issues, it is our raison d’être. So that was a gorgeous magical moment.

Video Courtesy of Teamwork Arts and Jaipur Music Stage

You guys get it? I'm beyond excited to share this new work with you. I am inspired by the phenomenal philanthropist Sanjoy K Roy and his entire team in India. I am encouraged, besotted and dazzled by the people of Jaipur. I am blissfully in love with my label and team. This moment is pure unadulterated beauty. Keep following our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as I'll be introducing more of those who helped birth this bonny album! If you'd like to support us you can preorder the album here!