We are delighted to announce that NoteSpeak- Amori e Tragedie in Musica is out now on Ropeadope Records. You can get your copy on Bandcamp here.

NoteSpeak on national radio:

For the Millions - Battiti Rai Radio 3

You Can't Rule Me - Battiti Rai Radio 3

A serendipitous event has connected Hippie Tendencies to Amnesty's #herestoyou campaign, as the style and content of our version of the song is very similar to our new project, “NoteSpeak” You can see our performance for Amnesty here. We ask you to please listen to Roberto Saviano's appeal as well as the final version of this tribute to Sacco and Vanzetti in the name of every victim of human rights violations. We invite you to, as Amnesty says, “take injustice personally”. 

Please support the work of the good folks at:

Amnesty International


The Humanity Initiative