NoteSpeak is a poetic/musical project, partially inspired by artists like:
The Last Poets, Brian Jackson, Gil Scott-Heron, Vijay Iyer & Mike Ladd, and Dana Bryant.
We approach these spoken word pieces with the poetry and the music intricately intwined.
Coming soon to this space, the rest of the lyrics from the project as well as more video.

A serendipitous event has connected Hippie Tendencies to Amnesty's #herestoyou campaign, as the style and content of our version of the song is very similar to our new project, “NoteSpeak” You can see our performance for Amnesty here. We ask you to please listen to Roberto Saviano's appeal and contribute your own versions of this tribute to Sacco and Vanzetti in the name of every victim of human rights violations. We invite you to, as Amnesty says, “take injustice personally”.

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NoteSpeak please go to our Indiegogo campaign.
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